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The Path of the Hobbit

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You can only play Samwise on this path but you must use Frodo on the final showdown level, the Crack of Doom.

Escape from Osgiliath-

Your goal here, as the name infers, is to escape the city of Osgiliath. Follow Gollum and you will run into some Orcs, take them out and head up the stairs. You should see a Ranger fending off some Orcs on the far end, head towards them and the wall to the right explodes, giving you points for the kills. Head through the new opening and use your ranged attack on the Orc archer behind the rubble.
Once you ascend the nearby stairs, a timer will appear in the upper right corner. The timer will slowly start to fill, and once it does, a Ringwraith will swoop down and grab Frodo. You can however reverse this by moving Sam
(Frodo can still be out in the open) under some sort of roof. Head up to the next section of the roof. Go behind the three Orcs who get crushed by catapult fire to find a ladder.
After decending the timer will disappear. Take out the archers from behind and go down into the next section. Keep fighting Orcs here and you should reach level two. Which means you should now have access to the Orc Bane, use
it on the rest of the Orcs. Once your done, grab the red potion thats next to Gollum and head up the next set of stairs. Continue along this path, slaying any Orc in your way. Once you see a green potion, grab it and exit to the
After ascending the ladder, the timer comes back again. This is a much larger area then the last, so be quick with your kills. To the left after the bridge/ramp is a roof, lower the timer and continue on. Soon you'll come to a ladder, as you decend you'll see a Ranger get killed by a couple Orcs. Once you reach the bottom, follow the spiral stairs all the way up. Kill any Orc in your way, grab the red potion, then push the bell down the stairs. The bell will then break through debris, providing a new path.
Slaughter the Orcs in your way, and run up to another roof area. The timer will appear again, right as you see a few poor suckers get nailed by siege fire. You can take your time killing here, as there is a small roof sheltering a green potion nearby. Be a little quicker through the next
section though, lower the timer and continue on. At the end is a ladder, a very long ladder. Take it down to the next floor, ice the Orcs there and descend yet another ladder. You should now be in the sewers. After running
through the first set of Orcs, you should see a Champion. Stay where you are and used your throwing knifes against the Archer. Once he's down, use your special ability to sneak around the the Champion's back. Now instantly kill
him using your killing move. Take out any remaining Orcs, and open the gate to end the level.

Shelob's Lair-

This is the most terrifying mission of all, SPIDERS!!! On this level, there are several paths, but all lead to the same place eventually, so don't get upset if you hit a fork or something. Head forwards first and turn left, then right, then left again. Head right, watching out for the spiders, and you'll hit a fork with two ways, forwards or
backwards. Go forwards, then left, then left again. You should be at the point where there are two torches. Throw one at the spiders so they scatter, then continue through, throwing another torch at the spider web. Mind the Orcs and
go left through the tunnel. Carry on until you see another Orc gathering. Go up the slope to the right, kill the two guards and knock over the boulders. Go back down and burn the web to get through. Here you'll meet Shelob, but don't
worry, just carry on across the bridge. Throw both torches at the spiders to scatter them, then continue until you find some more baby spiders. Use the first torch to scatter them, then the second to burn the web. Follow the left
wall around them and go through the web, up the passage to fight Shelob. But first, throw the torch onto the right set of spiders, then climb the slope, burn the web, then go back down. This time, use the left passage and scatter
the next set of spiders. Now for the mother load... Shelob!
Sneak up behind her and give her a good old Orc Hewer. Now she'll chase you. Block her attacks, and attack her back. Sam'll poke her eye out when you've done enough damage.
She'll climb up the wall and throw about ten midget-spiders at you, wipe them out, then keep on the move as Shelob will pounce on you. Attack her while she's down then keep hitting her until Sam chops her leg off. Shelob goes beserk, and will run around in circles knocking you off your feet. To avoid this, stand next to a wall so she can't hit you. When she's done, carry on pounding her until she runs away.

Cirith Ungol-

Here, you have to kill 80 enemies to get to the tower, so go around throwing knives at them etc. until you're done. Go forward and kill the troll, then lower the drawbridge. Follow the passage until you get to another room with
about 30 Orcs in it. Waste the lot of them then go through the double arch, up the stairs and cut the rope. The whole roof will collapse, killing the lot of them as well. You should now have about 80. If not, scout around. Go back to
the room you were in before and lower that drawbridge, then climb the ladder. Kill the other Orcs, then topple the two barrels. Carry on and you'll hear a rather cumbersome Orc shout "We're gettin' clobbered, pool out!" Follow them,
and use the catapult/ballista to kill them all. Continue into the tower where you'll find Frodo, and another boss.
This guy is TOUGH. He's not hard, just tedious. First of all, throw a spear at him to break his shield, then another one to stun him. Do an Orc Hewer on him, then use R to blast a large amount of health from him. Carry on doing this to beat him.

The Crack of Doom-

This is the final and easiest level. You have to fight Gollum. He's not tough, just indestructable. There are six stages in the fight, as you have to knock him off the edge six times. To knock him off, get him to the edge, slash him
until he's balancing, then press B to knock him. Of course, it's not that easy, you have to press R when he's hanging on to make him fall. A really clever trick is to stand near the edge and wait for him to jump at you. When he's off
guard, knock him off.

1) Nothing special - knock him off.
2) Rocks begin to fall from the roof.
3) More rocks.
4) Lava spills all over the place - avoid it at all costs.
5) Large area of land collapses - smaller fighting field.
6) Lava, rocks etc. - one more hit and he's dead.

You have also unlocked to additional levels, the Palantir of Sauron and the Palantir of Saruman, however these are easy with your new found cheats, which I provided on another page.

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