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Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

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The series ends well...

This is the game Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. But before we discuss the game, here's a bit of background.

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring-
The first part to the series starts off when Bilbo leaves the Ring of Power to Frodo, his cousin, and Frodo discovers he must leave the Shire with the help of Gandalf. He sets off with Samwise Gamgee, Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took to find a solution on how to destroy the Ring. They join up with Strider, real name of Aragorn, who they discover is the last descendant of the King and can inherit the throne of Gondor. When they reach Rivendell, Elrond forms 'The Fellowship the Ring' which consists of Boromir, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf, Merry, Pippin, Sam and, of course, Frodo. The journey takes its toll with Gandalf being killed in the Mines of Moria by the Balrog of Morgoth. At the end of the book at Amon Hen, Boromir takes 3 arrows to the chest and dies trying to defend Merry and Pippin who are kidnapped by Saruman's new race of Orcs called Uruk-Hai. Frodo and Sam split from the group while Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli pursue the group of Uruk-Hai who kidnapped the two Hobbits.

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers-
The second part continues with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli still pursuing the two Hobbits. But when the Uruk-Hai meet up with some Orcs and set up camp near Fangorn Forest, Eomer from Rohan and his followers ambush the unsuspecting Uruk-Hai and Orcs and slaughter them all with Merry and Pippin escaping into the wilderness. But they are followed by the only survivor. Treebeard, an Ent, destroys the Orc and they continue their journey. Aragorn. Legolas and Gimli continue their search in the forest and thinking Saruman is in the forest, they discover that Gandalf is still alive and that he has become Gandalf the White. Riding to Rohan and releasing King Théoden from Saruman's grasp, Théoden and his people retreat to the safety of Helm's Deep. Wormtongue escapes and tells Saruman of this retreat. He sends out Warg-riders and starts to assemble a ten-thousand strong army of Uruk-Hai. Théoden intercepts the Wargs, slaughtering them with the help of the Riders of Rohan. Aragorn is dragged off the cliff with a Warg and is supposedly dead. He survives and sees the distant Uruk-Hai empty form Isengard. He sends news to the King of Rohan and he prepares the defence of Helm's Deep. The Elves come and help by honouring the Alliance formed years ago. Haldir, leader of the Lothlorien elves, dies along with every single elf. It looked over until Gandalf arrives along with Eomer and thousands of Rohirrim. Saruman was defeated. Back at Isengard, the Ents had declared war on Saruman along with Merry and Pippin. With no one to defend him except for less than a hundred orcs, Saruman is killed and his threshold on some of Middle-Earth is relieved.

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King-
The final part of the series starts with Merry and Pippin reuniting with Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli. With Frodo and Sam closing in on Mt. Doom, Sauron assembles an army so strong it is twenty times bigger than Sarumans at Helm's Deep. Aragorn and his friends enter the cave of the Dead and engage in negotiation. Minas Tirith is attacked by Sauron's army of 200,000 Orcs. Denethor kills himself through the night and Minas Tirith is taken over. The battle of Pelennor Fields begins with at least 180,000 Orcs still alive. Rohan attack with 6,000 men on horseback, overwhelming Sauron. But when it seems over, Mumakil, giant elephants, arrive on the scene, killing many Rohirrim and Orcs. The Witch King gets shot down, mortally wounding King Théoden and ultimately killing him. Eowyn, of all people, slaughters the Witch King and the Dead finish off the Orcs and Mumakil with a single deadly attack. Setting out the next day with a group of Rohirrim and Gondorian soldiers combined to make 500 soldiers, Aragorn, as King leads them to the Black Gate to draw Sauron's gaze form Frodo and Sam long enough so they can destroy the One Ring. With Aragorn slaying a mighty Troll, Frodo and Sam arrive at Mt. Doom to end Sauron's reign. However, Gollum takes the Ring but with some quick thinking, Frodo pushes Gollum and the Ring into the fires of Mt. Doom ending the War of the Ring. Eomer becomes King of Rohan, Aragorn gets married to Arwen and becomes King of Gondor and Eowyn falls in love with Boromir's brother, Faramir. Aragorn dies at the age of 189.

The Characters-
Frodo Baggins: (TA 2968-), son of Drogo and Primula Baggins, he was adopted by Bilbo when his parents drowned in TA 3001. He was the Ringbearer in the Lord of the Rings and the main character. He is very good friends with Gandalf and Samwise.
Samwise Gamgee: (TA 2980-), son of Ham Gamgee, he is Frodo's friend on the quest to destroy the Ring. He can sometimes get emotional but he can also defend himself, having got to the top of Cirith Ungol, killing many Orcs in his way.
Meriadoc Brandybuck: (TA 2982- FO c.65), had good skills with the sword and troubled the Uruk-Hai before being captured. He wounded the Witch King twice and he lived to tell the tale after he accompanied Aragorn and the Rohirrim to the Black Gate.
Peregrin Took: (TA 2990- FO c.65), Pippin offered himself to Denethor, Steward of Gondor, and met back up with Merry at Pelennor Fields after being split for some time. Sauron thinks he has the Ring so Gandalf stays with him until the war is over.
Gimli: (TA 2879-), although he is 140 years of age, he does not show it. He is a dominant Dwarf and handy with the axe. He is son of Gloin, one of thirteen Dwarves who accompanied Bilbo to Erebor. At Helm's Deep, he single-handedly killed more than forty Uruk-Hai in quick succession.
Gandalf: (TA c.1000-), he defeated the Balrog of Morgoth and died atop Zirak-zigil, only to be sent back until his part was played in the war. He was one of the greatest Istari along with Saruman who were once friends until Sauron reappeared.
King Théoden: (TA 2948- 3019), son of Thengel, King Théoden was the seventeenth King of Rohan. He was slayed by the Witch King at Pelennor Fields. He was highly charismatic and had a decisive personality.
Eomer: (TA 2991- FO 63), son of Eomund, he inherited the throne of Rohan after his uncle, King Théoden, died at Pelennor Fields. He was Chief Marshal of the Mark and Third Marshal of the Riddermark.
Eowyn: (TA 2995- FO?), son of Eomund, at the end of the series she fell in love with Faramir. She killed the Witch King and delivering the final blow, she received a grievous injury. At Helm's Deep, she killed many Uruk-Hai on the way to escaping into the mountains.
Legolas: He was a Prince of the Mirkwood Elves. His arrow-shooting skills saved the Fellowship many a times. Many say his skill with the bow was unmatched.
Aragorn: (TA 2931- FO 120), son of Arathorn, he became King of Gondor and he married an elf, Arwen, after the War of the Ring. Aragorn became one of the greatest hunters of his age. Aragorn was eighty-eight years old when he rode out to challenge Sauron.

I'll be sure to include lots of screenshots so you get a good sense of the game.


If this is a story-driven game, I'll include a plot outline here (or at least as much of it as I've managed to figure out).

The Levels

These are links to the levels-

The Path of the Wizard

The Path of the King

The Path of the Hobbit

Tips and Cheats

Here I'll include any tips that I've learned about how to play this game.