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The Path of the King

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On this path, you will have the choice of controlling any one of the three remaining warriors of the Fellowship- the Dwarf, Gimli, son of Gloin, the Elf, Legolas, and the heir to the Gondorian throne, Aragorn, son of Arathorn. They will travel from Dunharrow, the cave of the Dead, to the Southern Gate and then joining the War of the Ring, they will fight at Pelennor Fields and at the Black Gate of Mordor. Try and stick with the same character so you have one character at level ten before getting to the Black Gate.

Paths of the Dead-

This place doesn't look very inviting. Go through the mist and the spirits will soon take a physical form. Defeat them all and continue on. After being attacked again, defeat them with your sword or you can use the nearby spears. Going into more mist you will be ambushed. After defeating them you can continue on. Take down the archers ahead and turn left at the fork road. Use the action button to drop the boulder on the enemies below and grab the experience block. Continue on and take out the archers before using the winch nearby. You will get a checkpoint once crossing the bridge. The enemy surround you. Fight your way out and continue to a maze. Going forward fight off the enemies in your way. You will come to a gate that is locked. Go around and use the winch. Go through the gate and fight off at least thirty-five enemies. Run straight over the bridge to end the level.

King of the Dead-

Aragorn continues on and will fight the King of the Dead and try to get him to yield to the oath of allegiance to help Aragorn cause against Sauron's horde. From the start, it is clear the King of the Dead has no intention of bowing down to the King of Gondor. You will continue to fight him until you defeat him. The battle will span with interruptions in between by other dead enemies. Once you defeat him, he yields and the cave of Dunharrow's foundations give way. In this section of the level you must continually run as being hit by falling rocks can result in death. Follow the path back to the entrance and stopping occasionally to take down groups of enemies. After awhile, you will meet up with the other two characters you didn't choose and you will be blocked in. Heading for the entrance, you are only blocked by the biggest group of enemies yet. After defeating them, run for entrance and the level ends.

Southern Gate-

Aragorn and his friends are nearly going to join the biggest battle of their time. After the Southern Gate, they will battle before the very gate of Minas Tirith. Run towards the large doors and you will be greeted by a troll. Run away and head to the left and find the siege engines. Use it to destroy a section of the gate. You need at least two shots so quickly find the other siege engine. The enemies here easy so use your speed attacks and strike on
and on and to get perfect mode. When the tower falls and Gimli makes a comment, run to right and to towards the fallen tower. Climb up. Take out the swordsmen and stay where you are. Finish off the troll with your ranged
attacks. When he's done, a Mumakil will arrive. Finish it off the same way you did with the troll while avoiding the swordsmen or taking them out.

When the Mumakil has been eliminated, push the pots of boiling oil to kill the troll blocking the door. Keep pushing it until he is dead. Then pull the lever on the right while fending off even more swordsmen. When the gate
opens, more swordsmen will appear outside the gate. Now you can either use the oil again or simply head down for a head-on assualt. Either way, head through the gate when you're done.

Pelennor Fields-

The biggest hand to hand battle of Lordof the Rings is upon you. This mission can be really tough if you're not on the right level. Anyway, as much you would like to charge head-on with the soldiers of Rohan and hearing the ever-inspiration music, stay back as far away from the battle as possible. You will need to take out 60 of the horned soldiers. It does not matter if it's the shielded ones. Just 60 of them will do. Just stay back and you will be fine. Even a high level character will struggle if you
try to get into the middle of the action.

When you kill 60, the Mumakil will arrive. Climb up the top of the cliff and shoot down the Mumakil using your ranged weapons. If you aren't fast enough, you can use the siege arrows or warpikes on them. When you have
killed the first one, run down the cliff and on to the cliff on the other side. Ignore any enemies that come your way. Take out the Mumakil as per normal.

When the second one dies, the Witchking will attack Eowyn and Merry so rush to the left as fast as you can and fire your ranged weapons at him. If you're ranged weapon is good enough, you can kill him in one round. If not, he will fly away and another Mumakil will attack. If the "targets"
(circular shield-like symbols) appear on the other side, run back to the other cliff to take it out. The Witchking will appear again. As usual, take him out using the ranged weapons. When he's done for, enjoy the cutscene and pat yourself on the back.

The Black Gate-

Aragorn must make his last stand to give Frodo time and as an added bonus you can use Gandalf the White. Prepare yourself for the toughest mission in Return of the King. You should be around level 9 and above with as many upgrades as possible. You can choose Gandalf this time but it's recommended that you choose the one you've been using for the previous Path of the King missions.

You first start off with a duel with Sauron's ambassador. He's easy and has no shield so attack him with combos until he's dead.

In this mission, all you have to do is defeat six champions and keep your companions alive. The battle will begin with your companions having a short amount of invulnerability. Once their health bar appears, you need to constantly heal them when they are injured. To heal them, simply stand
close to them until they have a blue aura surrounding them. Their health will regenerate at a moderate pace. If you move, the healing stops too so stick by them until their health is at an accpetable level. You can find your companions in the following locations.

Gandalf - On the left
Legolas - In the middle
Gimli - In the middle, at the back
Aragorn - On the right

Basically, just move around, kill anything that gets in your way. When three champions have been defeated, expect bigger waves of attacks. Archers will fire at Gandalf on the left so take them out before you move on. At this point, two champions will attack simultaneously. Move first and make sure your companions are at good health. When all six have been defeated, the wave of orcs will cease and the Nazgul will attack. You will need to use fire to weaken them. So in this case, you will need to use the heated
warpikes before attacking them with your normal attacks however, the Nazgul are very weak against magic attacks so if you have upraded your ranged weapons to a very high level, this battle will end in no less than ten seconds.

It is now up to Frodo and Sam to destroy the ring.

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