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The Path of the Wizard

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For this path, you can only use Gandalf the White.

Helm's Deep-

After a short introductory cinematic film, Gandalf rides into Helm's Deep with reinforcements, and the game begins. As you have your way with the Uruk-Hai on the ground, Gimli will shout out tips on the basic controls, before you are called up to the wall to continue the defence. Head for the ladder leaning against the wall, and climb up to the top of the wall. Stand behind Legolas to avoid being pelted by arrows and launch a magic attack against the enemies up ahead.
When they're dead, Aragorn calls for your help back on the ground. Follow Legolas to the rope hanging from the wall, and slide down it using the action button. It seems the enemy is attempting to drive some explosives toward the gate to the city proper. Thankfully, there are a few ballistaes loaded and aimed at the causeway. It doesn't matter which order you set them off because the third will always be the killing blow.
After the explosives are destroyed, Gandalf will send the enemy running for their master with an impressive display of power, and the level will end. It is fairly easy to get a good mission rating for this level, but its shortness minimizes its impact on your overall experience.

The Road to Isengard-

Gandalf makes his way to Isengard with the intent of helping the Ents cleanse the area of Saruman's evil. Nearly immediately, you'll be cut off from the Ents by a fallen tree. Continue along to the right. You'll want to fire away at the explosive-filled carts before you near them for easy kills. Continue onward until you come across a checkpoint. You'll notice the conditions in the valley below are less than welcoming, with all the big, heavy Ents walking around. Head down and a special objective will appear- you and the Ents will have to kill a set number of enemies before you can continue. You should let the Ents do the majority of the work but if you want to join in, stick to the right side of the valley.
Once the Orcs are dispatched, continue on through the newly-opened path. You'll be attacked by some melee enemies. Continue on and, before long, Saruman's tower, Orthanc, will come into view, and you then will be rewarded with a checkpoint.
Keep moving, and take out the explosive cart. Dispatch of the Orcs and turn your attention to the other side of the river where many enemies are firing upon you. Take out the explosives underneath each tower before crossing the bridge. Take out any other Orcs and turn right. At the bottom, an Ent is attempting to take down the supports holding back the dam. Eliminate the enemies accosting him and then alternate between taking out any archers or shooting directly at the supports. Once the support is removed, it will show scenes from the movie, thus completing the level.

Minas Tirith- Top of the Wall-

Gandalf finds himself atop the wall of Minas Tirith fighting an onslaught of Sauron's army who are trying to invade the city. For this level, don't stress about enemies. Your real fight is with the overrun meter and if it turns completely red, your mission is failed. In the top left corner there is a map showing where ladders have been put up. Only go for the ladders and don't go for the Orcs unless they are in your way. Between attacks, you should stay around the centre of the wall as you can quickly respond to enemy attacks. After awhile larger siege towers will come into the fray. You must take them down by means of arms or by the catapults on top of the walls. Then one siege tower will connect to the wall and unload many Orcs. Cave Trolls will start to use a battering ram to bring down the gate to the courtyard below. Take out the Orcs and shoot magical orbs at the tower, sending it flying. The Gondorian soldiers now start to make their way to the courtyard. Follow them down and the level ends.

Minas Tirith- Courtyard-

Your main objective in this level is to hold the courtyard of Minas Tirith until 200 Gondorian women make it to higher ground. For the first wave of Orcs and Shielded Orcs stay near the staircase and defend it. After there are fifty or so civilians saved Orcs archers close in. Take them out with your ranged attack. After one hundred have made it to safety, they bring out some Orc Champions and Uruk Champions, etc. When one hundred and fifty have made some Cave Trolls enter the arena. Either take them down with your ranged attack or with the burning spears. Once you have saved 200 women, the city retreats, and level is completed.

The rest of the game is now left up to a Hobbit and a King.

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